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Experience in it's primary sense extends to a Light then, acts as a speed limit for all objects in phenomenological principle; the practical, and regard to all other objects, maintaining causes and cognitive trying out of reality. Space cannot be known effects in special relativity, creating proven shifts unless it is experienced as a context, and not be in time to maintain its constancy. Light is an experienced unless our position within that context is electromagnetic field in which energy is conducted and acknowledged in relation to it. It is used as a test where the mathematics of relativity theory exist as site; where the conceptual order and stability implied descriptors of the cosmos's gravitational field, of by materials and objects becomes a ground upon which which it has no independent existence. If gravity our acts of seeing and believing are tested and lures us towards operated at the speed of light all the planets would depicting experience. In this way, this work experience a torque so forceful it would fling them out affects art and the authority of its representational of the solar system in a few thousand years. Clearly, language, artistic agency and challenges the activity of making anew by being there. Investigation of scale relations described in the, theory of general relativity, gravity re-evaluates in regard to all other objects and manifests because space and time are curved or exercises our credulity, our understanding of the disturbed in the presence of matter, veracity of visual and physical experience. The altering the shape and the warp of space-time and thus appearance of being true is achieved through actions and a revealing the weakest force - gravity. From this it can folding in of the logic of cause and effect. The be concluded that gravity is a property of space-time, sequenced action and measured play of materials are wholly contingent and not a separate phenomenon. held as real, illusion is implied rather than actual. Even though we don't seem to know what is going on with It is by gathering the gaze for understanding that reality, artists necessarily make work that draws clarity comes, objectivity does not come from seeing attention to the fact of our contingent relationship to things at a distance, but rather emerges out of gravity’s and the space-time continuum. Politics begins authorship of a work of art, and can be an act of when people who normally can't find, or give time to designation (selection) as in the use of the reflect upon or discuss the conditions of the real take ‘readymade’, or an act of arrangement within specific time out to make artworks, to argue or to develop display contexts for minimalist conceptual and critical spaces discourse [ibid]

Andy Thomson 7.10.13